Most frequent questions and answers


We offer a complete program from Grade 8 to 12, with a full and diverse selection of Grade 10-12 electives.


Ideal offers its own academically enriched program that is philosophically and academically different from the IB program.  If you are interested in the IB program then Ideal is not the program for you.


The academically based program at Ideal offers more than enough electives for entrance to post secondary institutions. In fact, most of our graduates go to the University or College of their choice after leaving Ideal.

Yes, technically

Although Churchill administers Ideal, we are a separate institution. Churchill is our steward school. Ideal students have access to the facilities of Churchill, such as the library and the gym. Ideal students are welcome to participate in Churchill’s clubs, sports teams and our students also sit on the student council as our representatives.


Ideal is an academically enriched program, but a student can’t advance ahead of their grade level.

Yes, but…

Because we are a separate campus offering our own schedule of courses, it is hard for junior students to do a full load at Ideal and still take Churchill courses. Senior students are able to take a limited number of electives courses at Churchill.


We get administrative support; a Churchill Vice Principal is assigned to us, as is a school counsellor. We get some departmental financial support from Churchill.


Ideal has its own Parent Advisory Council (PAC) that is an essential part of our school community. The integral involvement of our PAC has helped provide for our program and help it flourish. For parents interested, there will be opportunities to be involved in school events and fundraisers throughout the school year.

Students at Ideal are academically motivated, socially aware, young men and women who can flourish in a small school environment, and appreciate the value of close interaction with their fellow students and teachers. They are self-motivated, socially responsible, community-oriented, interested in leadership and seek a well-rounded academic program.  They are aware of the diverse world around them and interested in creating a better society for all. We are most interested in students that wish to stay at Ideal for the full 5 years of their high school experience.

Students come to Ideal each day to an open, non-judgemental, safe environment where we accept each other for our differences. We pride ourselves on our community and family-like environment. Students are expected to be prepared and work to the best of their abilities.

Students should have a B average in their academic courses and demonstrate strong work ethic.

Yes, but…

as a district program, we must accept students who live in Vancouver before those from other districts. As we typically receive over 150 applications for 28 spots at the Grade 8 level, the chances that we can look at external candidates is very slim.

Unfortunately, we cannot timetable students outside of their grade cohort. Students currently in French Immersion are expected to take French class with their cohort. Such students may have the opportunity to be leaders in their classes and excel in the French language. By about Grade 10, all students should be at approximately the same level of aptitude.

We do not preclude students with IEPs from acceptance at Ideal. Like all other applicants they must meet our criteria and the competitive nature of the process. Please note that resource support is very limited at Ideal. We are very upfront about the accommodations we are able to make so that parents can make informed decisions for their children. If you have specific inquiries regarding special support or accommodations for your child, please feel free to contact our school.

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