Congrats Iris!

The Ideal Mini School community is very proud of current grade 11 student, Iris Jiang, for having her poem selected to be read at this year’s 2020 Remembrance Day Memorial at Victory Square in Downtown Vancouver. Iris entered a literacy contest last year ran by the Royal Canadian Legion. Her poem was selected as the top piece of literary work in the entire Nation! We are so excited and proud to watch Iris on TV reading her beautiful poem.  

To Remember

By Iris Jiang

Many were told ‘In Flanders Field’
A poem quite old and renowned
Where tales of war the memories hold

What is to remember?

Fighting for a hierarchy not our own.
What is so important for soldiers to die alone?
More important than millions of families torn?

What is to remember?

So much death it becomes unaccountable
So high a number it becomes unimaginable
So many left with stories untold
So many names it starts to blur

What is to remember?

We claim to remember those who sacrificed.
But not the cause why many fight and died.
To remember is not just names
To remember is not just stories

What is truly to be remembered?

To remember is to show kindness
For those who have fought and survived
To remember is to accept
For those physically or mentally scarred
To remember is not just tales of old
But to show gratitude and acceptance to those with dark stories untold