Established in 1972, Ideal Mini School is a district mini school program located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Its Grade 8-12 enriched academic program has inspired generations of young minds, while emphasizing community, collaboration, leadership, mentorship, and social responsibility. Its small learning environment provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership and group work skills in a safe and cooperative learning setting.

Ideal Mini School
"Our goal is to continue building your confidence and competence in all areas of learning by encouraging you to think critically, creatively, and reflectively."

Sandra Hatzisavva

Head Teacher (acting), Ideal Mini School
Sandra 2018

What makes us different?

Though the Ideal Mini School program has been housed at different locations in its history, it is currently in its own stand-alone school building, which is unique among all Mini Schools.

We value the Indigenous philosophy of place-based learning which emphasizes the learning environment as an important and necessary component for the educational process. Being at our own small school site, as well as having all of our students taking courses at Ideal, means we can form a true tight-knit community where knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mentorship can take place.

Through our new revisioned program, we have included an Inquiry Learning model into many of our course offerings so that students may pursue areas of their own passions and interests.

Ideal Mini offers a full grade 8-12 program, with a diverse range of courses at the senior level. Staff and students are on a first-name basis, and generally, everyone knows each other. We have uniquely painted lockers, various potlucks through the year, and even our own special graduation.

Students from Grade 8-12.
Experienced teaching staff, plus 1 secretary, 1 school counsellor, and 1 Vice-Principal.
Courses offered at Ideal Mini School.
Courses offered at the Grade 11 and 12 level.
Classrooms in its own stand-alone school facility.
Of graduating students go onto post-secondary institutions of their choice.

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