Dress Code

As Spring arrives and the weather becomes warmer, students, parents and staff are reminded about our school’s dress code policy.  Our school is a place of business and learning where appropriate attire is necessary.  Parents are asked to check that their children are dressed appropriately for a school setting and that their children’s attire meet our school’s dress code.  For your reference, our dress code is quoted below.
As an Ideal student, one needs to dress safely and in a manner that does not distract, disturb, or offend others. Examples of clothing that is not considered appropriate for school includes (but is not limited to):
  • clothing with offensive language or slogans
  • undergarment are clearly visible and on display
  • excessive amounts of skin showing (e.g. revealing tops and extremely short shorts/skirts/dresses, etc)

The staff at Ideal Mini will be enforcing this dress code for all students, regardless of gender. If your manner of dress is found to be distracting, disturbing, or offensive to others, you will be asked to cover up or change.