Giving back to the Ideal Community


Always positively representing and thinking of our school and her fellow students, Grade 12, Jessica P applied for a grant that has helped our Ideal Music Club with some new equipment and accessories. Here are her words:

Back in November, I saw a posting from West Side Community Schools and Teams at Churchill where they offered grants to clubs who needed funding. I thought that it would be a good idea to apply for it since I know that many talented students in Ideal love to play instruments, but our guitars were in very poor condition and we also did not have any useful accessories. I applied for the grant and received half of their offered amount which was $250, and I used the money to purchase music stands, capos and guitars for the school. I also have some money left over from the grant, which I will put towards repairing the other 2 guitars with broken strings and ensure that Ideal has 5 functioning guitars before I leave. I hope that this will continue the musical spirit in Ideal. 

Jessica P., Grade 12

Thanks JP for looking into this on behalf of our school and students.