October 2019 – Reminders for Students and Parents

Finger reminder clipart

Just a few reminders for everyone:

  1. School Forms – We are still missing some student verification forms, emergency reunification forms, etc from some students/families.  Please submit these forms to the office ASAP.  They are extremely important for updating our school records which are particularly vital in the event of an emergency.
  2. Student Absence Procedures – In the event your child is unable to attend school, please email all teachers on each day your child is absent. Teacher emails may be found on our staff page.
  3. Synervoice Student Absence Calls – Please note that the automated system from Churchill may call home if a student has been marked absent in any classes at Ideal or Churchill in the school day.  This is for parent’s knowledge only and is only a concern if your child has missed a class without the school’s or your consent.  Please continue to call in daily to the Ideal Mini office each day your child is away.
  4. Traffic/Student Drop-offs – Parents are reminded to please respect the NO STUDENT DROP-OFF signs leading to the staff parking lot (exception for cafeteria grocery drop-offs).  This helps ensure the safety of Ideal and Laurier students and proper access for all VSB vehicles.  Also, please be mindful of pedestrians in our school zone and avoid u-turns on the streets around our school.
Thank you!