Our Program

We take pride in our school

A home, away from home

Ideal Mini is a Grade 8 to 12 program that offers courses at all grade levels.

It is the only mini school in the VSB that is completely off campus from its steward school and housed in its own building. Although seemingly informal in nature at first glance (e.g. painted lockers, no bells), Ideal has structured schedules, classes, and curricula.

Staff-wise, there are 6 teachers, 1 secretary, and 1 counselor.  As for students, there is 1 cohort of each grade from 8 through 12.  Due to our small school setting we can create a community-like feel to our school between our staff, students, and families. Everyone, including staff, is on a first name basis.  The mutualistic relationship between all stakeholders makes our school a safe, cooperative, and positive learning environment where everyone works together for the benefit of our students.  We pride ourselves in the academic but also the social emotional growth of our students.  Students learn to become leaders and are typically actively involved in our school community.  The majority of our graduates go onto post-secondary education to further their studies in areas of their interest.

Ideal Mini School
Ideal Mini Science Fair

Enrichment and Value-added Programs

Aside from the traditional academic classes, our program offers opportunities unique to Ideal.

Field Study Opportunities

Some of our overnight field trips include:

Local Field Trips:

The Whale Lab

Annual School-wide Traditions:

Our students at Ethics Bowl
wall climbing at Camp Timberline

School Clubs and Student Involvement Opportunities

Our school has a history of student involvement, leadership, and advocacy.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”

– Sydney J. Harris

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