Student Life

There is something for everyone

Ideal Mini encourages students to seek their passions in areas of interest. Our students are academically motivated, leadership-oriented, community-minded, and socially responsible. Our program promotes and develops well-rounded students who will become contributing citizens of our greater community.


Teachers at Ideal Mini are passionate about their subject areas. They encourage students to be inquisitive, curious, and take risks in their learning journey.

Our students are academically motivated and understand the value of rounding out their education. Many of our curricula in English, Math, Science, and Socials Studies are enriched through field trips, guest speakers, special activities, and more.

At the junior level, cross-curricular courses such as Science Fair, Science of Art, History of France, History of Art, and more are unique only to Ideal.

Art Program

Developing creativity and expression through various media and personalized works of art.

Visualizing the Art

Though, at first glance, Ideal Mini may seem like at Art school the fact is that students are encourage to explore their creativity no matter their ability.

Students will learn the basics of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, and art appreciation. One will create 2D and 3D images that demonstrate principles of arts and design. Quality workmanship and good work habit will be emphasized. Advance art classes are designed for students to see visual arts as an essential form of communication. Through art making, students will explore and create artworks base on their personal, social, or cultural experiences. Overall, students will create art pieces that express their understanding of the world. 

Program Objectives 

  • Widen student’s knowledge base of art methods, vocabulary, and history  
  • Image development and composition  
  • Develop personal growth in visual communication  
  • Promote evaluation and reflection of their own and other’s artwork  
  • Create 2-D and 3-D images that are personally meaningful 


Ideal Mini's Theatre Company is comprised of teacher and student directed productions, such as one-act plays and skits. Courses include acting, directing, script writing, and set design.

Performing Arts

Encouraging freedom of expression

Drama productions are a staple at Ideal. Plays performed by our junior and senior students throughout the year are well-attended by family, friends, and supporters.

Our annual Desserts, Arts, and Drama PAC fundraiser each Spring sees our students perform in plays as well as a talent show where many of our student dancers, musicians, singers and more dazzle us with their special gifts.

At our annual school camp, Drama night is a fun tradition that brings laughter and tears of joy to our participants.

French Language Arts

French class at Ideal Mini is a space where students explore their passion for learning a new language. Students engage in short plays, oral communication, and game-based scenarios to grow their confidence to communicate in French.

Student Club and Special Programs

Teachers at Ideal Mini are passionate about their subject areas. They encourage students to be inquisitive, curious, and take risks in their learning journey.

Our weekly School Meeting is a school-wide assembly run by our students. Here, announcements are made by students and staff that help to direct the school.
Ideal has its own student council led by elected student grade representatives who organize initiatives for the student body.
Unique to Ideal is our Cafeteria Program which is open each school day during the lunch period. Groups from our grade 10 class take turns through the year to offer special menus that they have created. They learn many business skills from budgeting to designing menus while operating the cafeteria.
Ideal Mini also has a diverse range of clubs created, organized, and run by our student leaders. From “Our” Club to Music Club to STEM Club and more, there are no shortage of opportunities for students to explore their interests while making new friends from across grade levels. Ideal Mini students are also welcome to join the many clubs and sport teams available through Sir Winston Churchill Secondary as well.

Here, you learn how to grow.

An educational experience like no other.

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