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Award Recipients

Ideal Mini has a rich history of scholarship award winners in academics and service.

See the various awards below and our most recent recipients.

Science-Math Award and Ideal Mini Shield Award

Ideal Mini Scholarships

Our school is offering 2 scholarships in various areas to our Grade 12 students: Science-Math Award and the Ideal Mini Shield Award. The scholarships may not be given if there are no applicants or qualified candidates. Good luck!

Please note the deadline for application is Friday, May 20, 2021

Download the Ideal Mini Scholarship Criteria 2021

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Scholarship Application 2021

Past Scholarship Winners

  • Governor General Award (top Academic student at Ideal Mini) – TBA
  • Ideal Mini Shield Award – TBA
  • Science and Math Award – TBA
  • Governor General Award (top Academic student at Ideal Mini) – Shanti Cordoni-Jordan
  • Humanities Award – Michelle Xie
  • Science and Math Award – Joshua Li
  • Fine Arts Award – Shanti Cordoni-Jordan
  • Humanities Award – Allison Horan
  • Science and Math Award – Goldman Lam
  • Art & Drama Award – Lilian Cormier-Stumpf
  • French Language Award – Soraya Dutto
  • Governor General Award (top Academic student at Ideal Mini) – Pedro Kauffman-Amaral
  • Science and Math Award – Tony Guo

Ideal Mini PAC Christine Gordon Service Award

Outstanding dedication and service to our school community

The Christine Gordon Service Award, named after our former long standing PAC chair, is awarded annually to a senior student who has shown significant dedication and volunteerism toward his/her school and community.  The award recipient is selected by the staff based on their observations of the student’s contributions over his/her time at Ideal.


Past Scholarship Winners

Please see our Ideal PAC page for a list of previous award winners.

Churchill Secondary
We value citizenship, social responsibility, and community involvement as well as academic success.

Churchill Scholarships

Ideal Mini students are eligible for Churchill scholarships

Each year, some of top students in the Churchill school community come from Ideal Mini School. See our past scholarship recipients below.

Please see


Past Scholarship Winners

  • Churchill Scholar Award (1 of 10 between SWC & Ideal) – Shanti Cordoni-Jordan
  • Sexsmith Elementary Alumni Award – Jessica Liu
  • Churchill Scholar Award $400 (1 of 10 between SWC & Ideal) – Kira Meyer
  • Churchill Scholar Award $400 (1 of 10 between SWC & Ideal) – Samson Chau
  • Science Book Award – Samson Chau
  • Churchill Scholar Award $400 (1 of 6 between SWC & Ideal) – Pedro Kauffman-Amaral
  • Pearmain Major Scholarship Award – Tony Guo
  • Churchill Top Scholar Award (Top student between SWC & Ideal Mini) – Ansel Hartanto
  • Churchill Scholar Award – Bonnie Duff
  • Churchill Scholar Award – Victoria Mo
  • Churchill Scholar Award $400 (1 of 10 between SWC & Ideal) – Danaan Cordoni-Jordan
  • Science Book Award – Danaan Cordoni-Jordan
  • Churchill Parents Award – Danaan Cordoni-Jordan

Vancouver District Scholarships

Awarded for academic excellence and service

Various district scholarship awards may be awarded for academic excellence in specific subject areas and/or service in the school community.

Past Scholarship Winners

  • Vancouver Secondary Teachers’ Association (for excellent academic standing and strong service to our school community) – Joshua Li
  • District Dogwood in Fine Arts – Charm Batillo
  • District Dogwood in Applied Skills $1250 – Samson Chau
  • District Dogwood in Music $1250 – Gabrielle Froese
  • District Dogwood in Applied Skills $1250 – Ansel Hartanto
Many of our past students have been rewarded for their community involvement.

External and Entrance Scholarships

School entrance scholarships and external association awards

Some scholarship and burseries:

Loran Scholars Foundation

Beedie Luminaries


Past Scholarship Winners

  • SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with Distinction) Award – Brianna Mei
  • Horatio Algers Scholarship Award – Michelle Xie
  • University of Toronto Entrance Scholarship – Michelle Xie
  • University of Victoria Excellence Scholarship – Cate Freeborn
  • Beedie Luminaries Scholarship Award – Lilian Comier-Stumpf
  • Beedie Luminaries Scholarship Award – Noah Rosellini
  • UBC Major Entrance Scholarship Award – Ansel Hartanto
  • South Asian Family Association Academic Excellence Scholarship $1000 – Ansel Hartanto

Apply for scholarships today!

Each year, hundreds of scholarships and burseries go unclaimed. Graduates are encouraged to research and apply for awards they may be qualified for.
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