School Back in Session

back to school

Welcome back!  Classes are back in session and things are already in full motion here at Ideal.  Grade 10s have just completed a 2 day Food Safe course, while all classes have now met their teachers for the first time.

Please bare with us as our school server/website has been down the past couple of weeks and will likely continue to be intermittently offline while we upgrade our server with the school board.  To parents, please ensure that various paperwork that has been sent home this week (Yes, there is a lot!!!) are returned ASAP so we can maintain our files and have proper consent to provide services to your children.

Our first PAC meeting will take place this Monday, September 10 from 7:30-9pm at the school.  All parents are welcome.  Our first school-wide event, the Annual Welcome Back BBQ hosted by our PAC, will take place on Thursday, September 20 from 5:30-7:30pm.  BBQ food items will be sold by donation.  This will be in conjunction with our Meet the Teacher evening at the same time.  This year, our Leadership students and teachers will be “Flipping” our info session and creating online informational videos of items normally discussed at our previous Meet the Teacher nights.  This way, families may view the videos prior to the event and actually be able to “meet” and greet the teachers that evening as well as ask any questions they may have.  What a novel idea!!  Videos will be posted here on our school website once completed.  Stay tuned!

Finally, a couple of reminders for parents and students.  Our school parking lot is a NO STUDENT DROP OFF area by order of the VSB.  Please comply to ensure the safety of our students and so various VSB staff are able to freely access the school.  As well, if your child is absent from school, please email all of the teachers each day your child is absent.  Teacher emails may be found in student agendas and on this website.

We wish you a successful and wonderful school year!