School Orientation Week


Hello Ideal community,

As we approach the long weekend, we wanted to share some further details before school orientation begins next week.

Thursday, September 10

Grade 8 students will attend a morning (9:00 AM…1-3A) or afternoon (1:00 PM…1-3B) orientation session. The session will take approximately 90 minutes. Your learning group and time will be posted by Wednesday, September 9.

Friday, September 11

Students in grade 9-11 will attend a morning (9:00 AM…1-3A) or afternoon (1:00 PM…1-3B) session. They will meet with the following teacher:

Grade 9: Janna

Grade 10: Sandra

Grade 11: Ernie

Grade 12: you are up at Churchill Quarter 1 and you will be attending their orientation.

The orientation will take approximately 90 minutes.  Your learning group has been posted on MyEd as per instructions sent out by Churchill. Please look for your 1-3 class to determine if you are in the A or B group.  

Have a fantastic weekend! We look forward to seeing you all soon.


Ideal Staff