September 2020 Letter from Staff

Ideal MIni School

Dear Ideal community,

Welcome to Ideal! We hope that you have all had a safe and relaxing summer.  We are looking forward to welcoming back, and meeting our new students and families. Hopefully, you have all received the information from the school board regarding the back to school plans. If you have not yet seen this information, it can be found on the district website:

As a community of learners, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our members. Our District is working under the guidance of Public Health, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and the Ministries of Health and Education. As we prepare to welcome students back in a safe and controlled manner, we suggest you become as informed as possible. Please visit our School website and Sir Winston Churchill’s website regularly for updates and important links:

Over the next week, the Ideal staff, administrators and counselor will be working to finalize your child’s learning group and timetable. This process is taking longer than normal, with all the changes unfolding, and we truly appreciate your patience.  As we diligently work to have our school ready for your return, we would like to share the following information.

Learning Groups (Cohorts)

A learning group is defined as a cohort of students and staff who remain together for an extended period of time and who interact primarily with each other.  Fortunately, at Ideal, we are already in cohorts! 

Basic Schedule

The school year will be organized into 4 quarters: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. Each quarter is approximately 10 weeks in duration.  A student will have two courses per quarter. One course will be face to face and one will be remotely. For in class sessions, students will be split into two groups of a maximum of 15 (Group A and Group B). Each student will be assigned an am or pm session and will physically meet with their scheduled teacher every day.

Orientation Week

September 8-11 is our orientation week. On September 8 and 9, staff will be returning to school to complete preparations for a safe return. On September 10 and 11, your child will be provided a time to attend an orientation. Grade 8-11 students, if you are receiving emails from Sir Winston Churchill, please read any details about Health and Safety; otherwise, please disregard, as Ideal Mini is a unique building and will require its own site-specific plan.  Grade 12s, your first quarter will be at Churchill so please follow the instructions provided.

We hope this information provided is helpful. We look forward to welcoming our Ideal students and families soon!  If you have any further questions or concerns, please email Sandra at


Ideal Staff