Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences 2020

Our Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 (2:00-4pm; 5:00-7pm). Students will be dismissed at 1:30pm from classes at Ideal Mini. Students with classes at Churchill will still need to attend those classes.  An official invitation letter will be sent home with your child after the Winter Break.

Similar to last year, our conferences will involve parent(s), the student, and their teacher in a collaborative format (students must be present at the conferences).  Parents and students will sign up to meet each teacher individually whom they wish to conference with.  Students will have the opportunity to lead the discussions, share their learning, provide parents with information, progress, and set goals in a self-reflective manner with their parents and teachers.

The online scheduler is NOW OPEN. If you would like to sign up to meet your child’s teacher, please visit to schedule appointment(s).  Parents will need to setup an account on the system.  Further instructions may be found here: OPTIS Parent Instructions Ideal Mini School.  Please note that we will NOT be able to accommodate drop-in appointments, particularly for teachers who have a full schedule.

Though all parents/guardians may have the opportunity to conference with their children’s teachers, we strongly encourage parents of students who are having academic and/or behavioural concerns to sign up first.

**Please note that our conference is separate from the one held by Churchill on Thursday, January 16.  If your child has a Churchill class, please see the Churchill website for sign up.

Thank you!

– Ideal Mini Staff