Update April 1, 2020

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Teachers began sending out emails to all Ideal Mini students on Tuesday, March 31 to their email addresses in the MyEd system. Each teacher was assigned a grade and students were to respond back to that teacher by April 3. Assigned grades/teachers were as follows:

        • Janna – Grade 8
        • Sandra – Grade 9
        • Aaron – Grade 10
        • Ernie – Grade 11
        • Patty – Grade 12

We have now heard back from approximately 70% of our students. For students who have not responded to the email or did not receive an email, please email your assigned grade teacher.  Staff will begin contacting unreached students by telephone on April 2. Once all students have been reached, teachers may begin properly planning and implementing instruction for their classes.

All students have now been placed into an online platform called Microsoft Teams Classroom for each class. To access online classrooms, students will need to log in using their VSB emails and passwords (studentnumber@learn.vsb.bc.ca). All students have also been placed into the “Ideal Mini – School Meeting” classroom. If students are not enrolled in the appropriate classes or are missing classes, please contact the classroom teacher.  Once this is all setup, staff will no longer be communicating with students by email, but rather, through communication tools in MS Teams Classroom. More info about online classroom etiquette will be shared with students before classes begin.

For password resets, please contact studentpasswords@vsb.bc.ca with the following information:

        • Name
        • Student Number
        • PEN
        • School
        • Grade
        • Date of Birth

Finally, our school counselor, Jeff Pratt, has contacted all students in each grade by email. He is available for students and parents via email at jpratt@vsb.bc.ca and through MS Teams.