Update March 30, 2020

Ideal MIni School

Back to School...but in a very different way!

Good afternoon, everyone!  I know many parents and students have been anxious about what school will look like in the near future. I have received many emails from students and parents with a variety of questions and concerns.  VSB staff are just returning to work from Spring Break and our teachers are also awaiting information and instructions from administration and District management.  Here are some brief updates thus far:

  1. Ideal Mini Teachers will be contacting all students this week. Students will need to ensure that they can access their VSB emails and reply promptly back (not through personal emails) to their teachers.  Ideal Mini staff do not have access to reset lost passwords.  Please use lost password features, if necessary. Teachers may phone students, if necessary.
  2. This week will be about making contact and communicating with students. Teachers will be surveying students on some important items to ensure that any instruction and learning to come may be supported and will happen smoothly. The VSB will make arrangements for students to access the school for necessary materials, if needed. A schedule for accessing the school will come at a later time once teachers determine what materials, if any, are needed for their classes.
  3. Classroom instruction will not likely begin until the week of April 6 at earliest. The VSB is working on online platforms (likely Microsoft Teams Classroom) and other means by which teaching and learning may occur.  More information on this to come.
  4. Please be patient as teachers learn new teaching methods, platforms, gather and adapt necessary materials, receive some training, and plan out their courses.  Teachers are working quickly to figure these things out in a short timeframe but it will get done!
  5. Please pass the message onto other students and families who may not have read this information. Students ensure that you check your VSB emails, parents check emails that we have from the verification forms back in September (very important now!), VSB’s website, and our website here for current updates.

To be honest, I’m excited about the new learning and teaching opportunities that will be presented to us all. It will be different, challenging, and maybe frustrating at times, but I think it will really build our characters, resilience, and perseverance.

“See” you all soon!