Update – May 27, 2020


As you may have heard on the news last week and by email from Churchill administration, the Ministry of Education is expecting schools to reopen on a part-time basis next week beginning June 1Ideal Mini will be reopening next week but not in the same capacity as before the pandemic.  There are some specific Health and Safety guidelines as well as scheduling that we must follow.

Here is some information at this time:

  • Coming to school is OPTIONAL. Teachers at Ideal will still be teaching courses online. We will not be providing additional work on top of what you are already doing online. Students will have the opportunity to come in for EXTRA HELP WITH THEIR CURRENT WORK ONLY.  Times that students may come to each class will be carefully scheduled.  NO DROP-INS, hanging out, socializing, accessing lockers, etc.  Students may come in at their scheduled class time, get help, and leave.  Teachers will not be running lessons in person that those who choose to stay home won’t be able to access.
  • Each grade cohort at Ideal will be divided into two groups, A and B.  The Student Grouping list has been post in our School Meeting Team online. For privacy reasons, it will not be posted here. There will not be any switching allowed for any reason.
  • The block rotation for the entire school district is as follows:
Class TimeMonday to Friday
8:30 to 9:30Block 1
9:40 to 10:40Block 2
10:50 to 11:50Block 3
12:00 to 12:50Block 4
12:50 to 3:00Flex time – to support remote learning, off timetable and oversize classes, students who require extra support, children of essential service workers
  • For each course, a maximum of half of the class will be scheduled in the block.  It will take two blocks to finish both halves of each course. The block rotation has been posted our School Meeting Team.
  • Students will NOT be permitted to be on school grounds outside of their scheduled classes.  Once the scheduled class is over, they will need to leave the premises to ensure we comply with maximum capacity guidelines.
  • The first week of June will be all Day 1 classes.  The second week will be all Day 2 classes. Each class will only occur once over the two week period.
  • For those who have Churchill classes, your Churchill teachers may be connecting with you to provide you with options and class schedules.
  • Please note that parents are not allowed inside the school building. Sorry parents!
  • Please further Health and Safety Guidelines and site-specific instructions of how to access the school.
  • Many of you may have questions about this process.  Yes, it may seem confusing!  Hopefully, some it will clear up when more information is provided tomorrow.  We are scheduling a mandatory School Meeting on Friday, May 29 at 11:00 am to relay further instructions and respond to your questions.